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'There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently
that which should not be done at all'.

—Peter F. Drucker.

Poor Strategy Execution Tethers Organizations to the Bottom

by Martin Nazareth, President of OpEx Solutions


Strategic planning for the next year, formal or informal, is what most organizations are busy with right now. While it is clear that the act of planning is more important than the plan itself, it is sad to see that most organizations do not execute to achieve their strategic plans.

We have found that less than 50% of organizations have formal annual strategic plans and less than 10% of those have tied their strategic plans to execution. It is no surprise, then, that the top three issues that resulted from our research on operational metrics indicated that:

  • Operational excellence has not been moving the needle — profitability and growth
  • Metrics are not aligned with the primary goal — mission, vision and values
  • Metrics are fluff for leadership that does not drive action — not meaningful to the doers

While conducting a workshop on “strategy execution planning” for one of our clients; the strategic plan was already in place and they had requested us to facilitate a session to connect their strategy to their daily visual management. It was interesting to note that not a single departmental head knew of the target for their department — “Oh! I did not know that, that was our target”. It was this session that made everyone aware of their target and develop plans to achieve them. You can imagine how much of the strategic plan would have been accomplished if not for the session we had. Right now the same organization is on track to almost accomplish their overall goal for the year.

One of the major detractors from planning for execution is deploying new tools — mostly old tools with new and foreign terms. They are focusing on tools rather than their business goals by introducing new terms and tools their people cannot understand. One such tool used in recent years is “policy deployment” translated from a Japanese practice, “hoshin Kanri”. While the intent is to deploy a strategy, using the wrong term or a foreign term redirects the focus to learning and training the tool “policy deployment” or “hoshin kanri”, unfortunately missing the true intent of execution of the strategy. 

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Toyota Leads Kaizen CenTex Consortium Learning Event 

Toyota Motor Manufacturing, Texas, Inc., hosted a CenTex OpEx Consortium Learning Session on October 10, 2012 at its plant in San Antonio, Texas. Twenty nine people from eleven different organizations participated in the session.

Famous for it's Toyota Production System (TPS), Toyota is the name everyone thinks about when when kaizen (continuous improvement workshops) is mentioned. Lunch was followed by a presentation of how Toyota does kaizen and how it should be used for most effective results. After the presentation, a riding tour of the plant was taken and then it was back to the meeting room where a quick benchmark was done and individual questions were answered by Toyota.

This is one in a series of Learning Sessions hosted by Toyota for the CenTex OpEx Consortium. The next session (available only to members of the Consortium) will be on March 7, 2013 and will focus on Standard Work.




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