Rapid Improvement through Strategy, Simplicity, and Execution!

Global OpEx Solutions helps identify strategic areas for improvement and provides effective high-value, low-cost solutions for People-Equipment-Material-Process systems to drive significant productivity improvement. Unlike tool-driven, radical-system-overhauls, our solutions enable rapid improvement by applying the appropriate tool to the problem.


Decisions made by top-level executives, whether they are right or wrong, have far-reaching implications. OpEx Solutions provides executive coaching to support decision-makers in making optimal choices for rapid and sustainable operational excellence.


OpEx Solutions offers customized working sessions to help organizations solve issues they may have in different areas.


OpEx Solutions’ highly qualified industrial engineers’ extensive process and systems expertise help organizations preserve company strengths and accomplish significant, rapid, and sustainable improvement with minimal investment.


OpEx Solutions’ extensive experience in flawless execution of projects and programs can be leveraged to enhance the probability of executing your projects on-time and within budget. In addition, the metrics and systems used, ensure that implementation is sustainable and continuously improving.