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'There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently
that which should not be done at all'.

—Peter F. Drucker.





Supply Chain Management...


The daily work of supply chain leaders is to coach their teams to address the same factors that league champions do — focus on a shared goal, measure and identify gaps, develop fixes, and practice the routines to perfection. Without a good coach, it is quite likely that we will not even recognize the magnitude of what is lacking and what we are leaving on the table.

Supply chain performance is critical to the health of any business. In most organizations, the critical success factors, time, quality and cost, are heavily impacted by the supply chain. Execution to achieve business goals requires that the supply chain people, processes, and systems perform like a winning sports team. This begins with a focus on business goals and gaps that enable identification of supply chain strategies needed to WIN against fierce competition. 

In assisting clients, OpEx Solutions experts identify the top few issues that limit supply chain performance, however, the leadership often fails to identify external causes and is only putting pressure on internal processes.
An athletic team can see the whole field of play, knows who’s got the ball, and knows the score. Likewise, our supply chain teams should be empowered to see the whole picture and know what factors are limiting performance. Is your team able to see the competitive landscape and what impedes achieving the goal?


Over time, a supply chain that was initially successful, loses focus and is distracted by serving many conflicting goals. It’s important to revisit supply chain strategies annually, and to ensure alignment by connecting top business goals to key supply chain measures and supporting objectives.

Supply chains don’t exist in isolation. They are part of a web of suppliers, distributors, and customers. Supply chain leaders need to anticipate potential risks that could disrupt material flows, with significant financial consequences, in order to mitigate them in a timely manner. Unfortunately, only a few process-based supply chain leaders are able to proactively identify and address such issues before disruption.

So, Supply Chain Leaders, it’s time for some homework. Look at your operations and see if they have work stoppages due to waiting on timely, quality material. If so, you are not identifying and addressing issues proactively. Remember, a good coach conducts the performance health check and addresses the gaps before the game. In reality, we find most organizations lack the strengths of a good coach and we need to mentor the supply chain leader in developing the strategy and performance plan. Once prepared, you are ready to engage the team. Visit the locker room, clarify objectives, and present a challenge. “Let’s WIN!”  


Back to Basics of Operational Excellence

The title Back to Basics of Operational Excellence is a bit misleading. Many would think this is a seminar for beginners who need to get a general idea of operational excellence tools and methods; however, the information contained in the two-day seminar is geared to both leaders and practitioners.


Back to Basics of Operational Excellence was hosted by Entegris in Round Rock, TX (Austin area) September 2-3, 2015. Participants from five companies attended — ranging from operations leaders to supervisors.  Some of the comments included: "I knew many of these things — just was not applying them correctly.'' or "I thought using this method would be so much more complicated — didn't know I could use this so simply!" or "I wasn't sure what I should be stressing the most in 5S — most of the time I was going after a 'look'."
One of the most well-received parts of the seminar was the fact that English-language terms were used, demystifying an often confusing jargon of foreign terms. Some of the topics covered in the two days included: 5S Workplace Organization, Standard Work, Daily Visual Management, Problem Solving, and Rapid and Continuous Improvement. Participants worked exercises to help them identify areas in their specific organizations that might be prime candidates for utilizing some of the basic operational excellence tools and methods for rapid, sustainable improvement.



OpEx Solutions is an organization that helps identify strategic areas for improvement and provides effective high-value, low-cost solutions, training, and project management to drive significant productivity improvement through the use of operational excellence tools and systems in most manufacturing and service industries.

With a variety of offerings to choose from, we're confident of working with your organization to find and define your own way through:

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  • World-class Training
  • Dedicated Workshops
  • Knowledge Network
  • Project Management

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