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Rex Draman, PhD.

TOC Expert & Coach

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Rex Draman spent more than fifteen years working in operations management, holding both line and staff positions in a variety of industries before earning his Ph. D. in Operations and Strategic Management from the University of Georgia in 1995.


Given his in-depth understanding of real-world issues and problems facing today’s managers, Rex has focused his research and relationships with organizations developing a deeper understanding of the interdependence between operations (valueadding activities) and the other business functions. While these efforts were initially focused on the practices within the ‘theory of constraints’ (TOC) they have continued to expand to include a wide spectrum of systems-based tools and processes.


Over the last fifteen years, in addition to being an academic, Rex and his associates have successfully worked with a number of organizations, ranging from a small cabinet shop all the way to international chemical companies, which have sought to embrace a more systems-based approach to their operations and business processes. In his role as an academic, Rex has held faculty positions in Operations Management at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, St. Edward’s University, and the University of Texas at Brownsville. He also served as Chair of the Operations concentration in St. Edward’s MBA program.


Rex Draman has published in the “Production Inventory Management Journal”, “Human Systems Management Journal”, “Quality Management Journal”, “Industrial Management”, “International Journal of Production Research”, “Nano-express” and “TOC Quarterly”. Rex has presented his research at a variety of national and international conferences.

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